Monday, April 4, 2011

Each of Us a Shelter for Others

I haven't been moved by a song in such a profound way as the past few days.  "Shelter" by Jars of's more profound with every listen. "In the Shelter of each other, we will live, we will live..."  Check out the video on YouTube, here

Powerful spring thunderstorms set in this morning in the Midwest U.S., and they reflect relational storms and grief around us; a dear friend who lost her father recently, marital separations, ministry workers burning out and depressed and others headed that way, discord and uncertainty amidst longstanding friendships...

The hope expressed in "Shelter" is the prospect of living in the shelter of each others strength, grace, peace, hope, etc.

I harken back to "Miss" Norma at the Church picnic.  Her nephew Scott fell on the softball field in a collision at home plate.  He writhed in pain with a fractured arm...All Aunt Norma could do was to shelter him from the blazing sun; the bit of comfort she could offer, "This is one time Aunt Norma's size is a blessing!" she exclaimed. 

What are the God given attributes, gifts and skills and life experience you use to 'shelter' others?  Discernment, mercy, encouragement, compassion, graciousness?

A dear sister recently wrote on another of my blogs about transformation from despair about living to freedom and hope...she has been sheltered by the gifts and skills of her therapist, fasting and prayer of her husband, patient and gracious listening and burden bearing by true friends...and now she is offering to shelter others.  Just this morning she shared about making arrangements to invest time with another struggler on the journey. 

"In the shelter of each other we will live, we will live..."  This phrase is both proscriptive and descriptive; a declaration of the way some are deciding to live, in the shelter of live giving relationship with each other, AND an indication of the quality of abundant life by so living.

Are you in proximity to such shelter?  Or, if you are hungry for such, drop a note in the comments.  We are aware of more and more fellow and sister believers interested in such living.

love and blessings, Jeff

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